Frequently Asked Questions

This is a tablet used for impotentness medicating in men. Viagra is an efficacious, time proved and scientifically tested drug which makes boast of ideal reputation. It acts due to its main active ingredient – Sildenafil Citrate. Due to the action of this element medical science managed to eliminate problems with potency in the majority of men.
After drug intake, its main active ingredient conduces to blood circulation to the cavernous body of penis. Due to this process erection appears and is kept for a certain period of time, necessary for successful sexual intercourse. But every patient should bear in mind that it serves no purpose for healthy men. This remedy is used only in case of inability to keep an erection. Moreover, this pill will never act without the natural object of sexual excitement because it influences only on physical processes.
For feeling maximum effect of Sildenafil, the most correct way to take it – in 40-50 minutes before sexual intercourse. Generally the most frequently prescribed dose is 50 mg. But in case you don't feel the action, you can take 100 mg of Sildenafil. If you take more than 100 mg per day, you do harm for your health because this is overdosage.
It is a mistake to believe that one ‘blue pill' can make sexual intercourse more sensuous. This drug influences only on physical aspect of sexual intercourse, increasing blood flow to the penis. That's why it is beside the purpose to reckon upon intensification of sexual vigor.
Initially, Viagra action is not an erection itself, but the improvement of blood flow in the whole body. In other words, it increases arterial pressure and causes cardiac acceleration. That's why it is not recommended to take this drug by people who suffer from hypertension and the other cardiovascular diseases. But the organism of absolutely healthy people accepts this drug perfectly.
Every patient is unique so it is difficult to determine how long it will act in this or that case. But generally Viagra acts up to six hours. Some patients can feel medicine action during four hours and the other part of them – six hours.
It is prohibited to take more than one pill per day, otherwise it is overdosage.
For making oneself safe from possible risks, men who have symptoms of this disease should pay a visit to either a urologist or a sexual health specialist. But if you suffer from some special diseases like cardiovascular ones or you have problems with hepar or kidneys you should visit specialists in this area of medicine too.
Firstly, there is no need to think that it is ineffective. Sometimes such situations happen. If this remedy doesn't influence somehow on erectile dysfunction, don't push the panic button. It means that you should increase the dose to 100mg. Sometimes it happens that this drug doesn't act at the first attempt. In case you don't feel perceptible effect even after the third pill – ask the doctor's consultation.
Any men of full age can take this drug. In some cases after 50 or 60 men are prescribed smaller doses.
No. Soldenafil is the main synthetic component; it is not an abused drug and doesn't build up tolerance. It is absolutely safe, so patients can be sure in the quality of this pill.
Sometimes it happens that sexual intercourse really becomes absolutely different. These emotions appear due to Sildenafil action – sexual intercourse lasts longer and as a result, it is more pleasant.
Scientist made bulk of investigations on this theme and made a conclusion that Viagra doesn' influence somehow on sperm formation. Viagra intake doesn't cause such problems. Taking into consideration this fact, we can say that this wonder drug doesn't influence on impregnation.
Unfortunately those patients, who have heart diseases and take nitrates, cannot take Viagra. In case of hypersensitivity to Sildenafil, Viagra intake is also impossible. Among the other patients there are women and men younger 18.

In most instances these are:

  • Dizziness,
  • Headache,
  • Rhinitis,
  • Back pain,

All of them quickly disappear and don't cause inconvenience.

No, it is impossible. At the best, Viagra will not act but in the worst case scenario, it will do harm you. Everyone knows that alcohol is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction appearing and it has a bad influence on erection. So if you want to feel drug action it would be better not to take alcoholic beverages together with a 'blue pill'.
There are special drugs for women. That's why they cannot take Viagra because it is only men tablet. There is no need to experiment with health because no good will come of it.
The only difference between Brand and Generic Viagra is that it is produced by various companies. The active ingredient is the same; there are instances when additive aids may differ. But drug action is absolutely the same. Generic Viagra is a good chance to curb expenditure on ED drugs because their price is lower.
Every organism reacts on this drug in different ways and there is no unambiguous answer to this question. People at the age of 37-45 can have approximately three sexual intercourses per day. When it comes to elder patients, they can have 1-2 sexual intercourses per day.
The most profitable way to purchase Viagra is make an online order from online pharmacies. It is easy, quickly and the price is usually lower.

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