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Hardly in the history of pharmacology there is a drug, except Viagra, the information about which is full of gossips and legends. Worldwide fame, popularity, and effectiveness of drug action make everyone to speak about it – even those who lead normal sexual life and have never faced the disease like erectile dysfunction know the name of this drug and its main intended purpose. Blue Viagra pills created a sensation which lasts more than fifteen years. These blue pills are included in the list of the most significant sudden inventions of mankind in the 20th century.

So what is Viagra? What is the reason for such a great popularity? This article contains main information about this pill and will help you know where misbelief is and what the real truth is.

The History of Viagra

Invention of this drug really simplified life of a bulk of men, suffering from impotency. This kind of disease was a real problem for men, so when long-awaited blue pill hit the stores, they gave sigh of relief. First and foremost, Sildenafil Citrate (main ingredient) was meant for elevated blood pressure medication. But as part of the study, men, who were taking this drug for some time, noticed single-type side effect, which was expressed in long and strong erection. But the medicine didn't influence somehow on elevated blood pressure medication. That's why scientists decided to change the course of investigation cardinally and tested Sildenafil for erectile dysfunction curing. In 1998 Viagra appeared on the shelves of pharmacies and almost immediately became a top seller.

How Does Viagra Work?

Nowadays a bulk of tablets for power loss medication exists but no one acts like Viagra. The truth is that its action is oriented on eliminating of the main reason of impotency – on a fight with men's inability to have natural erection.

Viagra improves blood circulation, restores vessels activity that is important for successful sexual intercourse. Examples seem to indicate that this remedy helped a bulk of men suffering from impotence have a normal and stable erection. But the only thing, required for a felicitous action of the drug is the object of sexual stimulation.

The majority of men confirm that Viagra really helps achieve an erection. So what does Viagra do? The main distinctive feature of this tablet is a selective effect, oriented on vascular distention of penis. Besides erection improvement, Viagra makes the quality of sexual intercourse much better, makes it longer and reduces the period of recovering from sexual intercourses. It also improves the quality of orgasm, makes it brighter and more emotional.

Drug starts acting approximately in half an hour but this time depends on every organism. In some cases, it starts acting in 15 minutes.

Viagra is a synthetic drug which in any case will be efficacious but also there is herbal Viagra – a natural analog to the original drug. Natural Viagra helps treat erectile dysfunction with natural ingredients because its composition doesn't contain synthetic elements.

Information On Taking

For getting the maximum effect, Viagra should be taken presumably one hour before sexual intercourse. But bear in mind that it is required to take a dose which was prescribed by your urologist, otherwise it may cause harm to your health. Before buying Viagra men are always interested in the question: "How long does Viagra last?" The desired effect may last up to four hours and what is very important it comes only after a real natural excitement. If you will simply take a tablet you should not be afraid of an uncontrolled erection. Specialists recommend not to combine this medicine with fatty foods and alcohol, it may delay the effect and you will not experience the effect almost at once after Viagra intake.

Viagra is offered in two dosages – 50 mg and 100 mg. This is a real medical drug so because of this reason only a doctor may prescribe you a correct dosage. If after taking the medicine you don't get the expected result do not take one more tablet. Only a consultation with a specialist will help you find out the reason and solve this problem. Viagra should not be taken more than once per day. Besides, a doctor may prescribe you a minor dose of a preparation. It depends upon several factors such as :

In these cases your doctor may advise to take 25 mg of the medicine.

Counter Indications

Everyone should know that self-medication is dangerous and Viagra is one of such drugs which should be prescribed by a doctor. There was a period when it was sold only on prescription but now it is available to everyone. In some cases, you may even get Viagra samples and test it for free (but it should be made only after the specialist's recommendation).

Sildenafil has the property of entering into reaction with a bulk of medicines. Drugs used for cardio-vascular diseases medication are the ones that cannot be compared with Sildenafil Citrate. Usually, this category of drugs contains nitrates and simultaneous intake of Viagra can cause various complications. Among the other counter indications, we can figure out the following ones:

Side Effects

Surely as all medical drugs Viagra may evoke different side effects. However, the majority of them are a consequence of overdosage and last during several hours. Among the main side effects more often happen:

If such symptoms appear, stop taking Viagra and consult with your doctor.

What is Generic Viagra?

This is an analog of the brand drug. If you desire to save money on Viagra purchase, you can buy Viagra generic. This medicine has the same ingredients and lower price. Only additive agents may differ. But the pharmacological action is the same. A generic drug is produced by the other company, not well-known and advertised. This company prefers not to spend much money on advertisement and merchandising, so this fact explains the difference in price.

Viagra online generic should be made with joy for better results.

Today, there are so many ways Viagra online has changed the lives of people all over the world. One way is by making sure erectile dysfunction issues in men are handled accordingly. It is amazing how many people do not even know that they can purchase this ED drug via the internet. To save money when you have these purchases made, you can trust generic Viagra online purchases. When you decide to make these purchases, you will be very happy due to the excitement you will stand to achieve with these drugs taken. Online Viagra is popular due to how easy they are to purchase and also how convenient they are. Before you make these purchases, ensure that everything is done within your power to research into the background of Viagra online websites or pharmacies.hh

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